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Emergency water damage cleanup and moisture inspections.
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24/7 Water Damage Cleanup

Do you have a water damage emergency?

At FastPro Restoration, we understand that time is of the essence regarding water damage cleanup and mitigation. Just call our emergency hotline and within minutes you’ll be speaking with one of our FastPro teammates. Our certified technicians will then quickly arrive on-site to assess the situation and start the cleaning process right away.

We also can bill your insurance company directly to minimize your stress in this already complicated situation. You can trust us to handle everything properly and promptly, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Schedule your initial FastPro water damage evaluation today to see why we are the best in the industry!


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Over 260+ Google Reviews

Don came to our house multiple times as random issues popped up while the team had their equipment here drying things out after water damage. He was extremely kind, patient and helpful. I appreciated how quickly he responded to any phone call or text I sent. He worked with another individual whose name I did not get but I would happily recommend both of them to help in your home.


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Christa G in Pottstown, PA
Matt and Kevin came out on a Saturday evening when our washing machine tipped over while we were out and dumped about 3 inches of water in our basement. We honestly couldn’t have asked for more friendly, helpful and professional people to help us fix this issue. I would recommend fast pro to anyone who needs remediation work done. They made a truly stressful situation much easier to work through. A+.


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Ryan in Ardmore, PA
Anthony came today because my next door neighbor had a big leak from their fridge. The water made its way into my mudroom. Anthony helped out my neighbor and I and was very professional and knowledgeable. Hopefully I will never have to deal with water damage again but if I do I will be calling Fast Pro. Thanks again...


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Brett in West Chester, PA
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Our Water Damage Cleanup Services

If you’ve been affected by water damage, FastPro Restoration is here to help with swift emergency response and specialized cleaning services designed to meet your specific requirements. Our crews are trained to handle large complicated water losses but we also specialize in moisture inspections to help you detect any water damage hidden behind walls or your floor.

Water & Matter Extraction

A highly efficient and comprehensive solution for removing water, flood, and sewage from basements, crawl spaces, and living areas.

Site Containment & Triage

Safeguarding and Preserving Your Safety. We will quickly assess and contain the source of damage.

Drying & Dehumidification

Experience state-of-the-art drying and dehumidification techniques with the utmost precision and expertise.

Selective Demolition

The protection of your property is of utmost importance. We are committed to finding solutions that minimize the need for demolition, even in challenging situations.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Our expert team eliminates stubborn odors and rejuvenates your surroundings to ensure a clean and secure environment.

Project Documentation

Are you facing difficulties with insurance while dealing with water damage restoration? No need to worry; we are here to help. Our team is committed to making the process easier and more efficient for you with excellent loss documentation.

Contact Us Immediately

Water leaks, pipe bursts, appliance leaks, and floods can lead to extensive water damage.

With our team of certified professionals, we are equipped to respond to such emergencies and initiate the mitigation and cleanup process promptly.

Neglecting to address the issue can result in the penetration of hazardous germs, bacteria, and mold into absorbent materials, escalating microbial growth and further harming your home structure.

Don’t delay! Reach out to the seasoned water damage restoration experts at FastPro Restoration without delay!

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Cleanup & Mitigation?

24/7/365 Emergency Line

Ensuring your safety and minimizing structural damage to your property is our top priority. That’s why our emergency hotline is always ready to respond promptly to any situation. Count on us to provide quick and reliable assistance when you need it most.

IICRC-Certified Technicians

Trust us to handle any situation effectively. Our industry credentials from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) speak for themselves.

Independently Owned

Independently owned and operated, we prioritize your needs above all else without any affiliation to national franchises or insurance companies.

Easier Insurance Claims Insurance

Get hassle-free insurance claims processing with our expert assistance. Our team ensures thorough documentation and communicates directly with your insurance provider to simplify the process for you.

Understanding the Distinction: Regular Cleaning Services vs. FastPro Restoration

Beware of water damage, as it can lead to the growth of mold within 24-72 hours. Mold can spread throughout your home and result in costly repairs that your insurance may not cover. Don’t be fooled by appearances – just because your home looks dry doesn’t mean it is.

In the event of a flood, the water can be contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, and chemicals that can cause damage to your home and belongings. Coming into contact with this water could also lead to unwanted symptoms.

Regular cleaning services or DIY cleanups won’t be enough to address these issues. You must be prepared and know how to mitigate water damage to avoid significant losses effectively. Therefore, contact us for an evaluation and ensure the safety of your home.

Water Damage Cleanup FAQ

Water damage is an emergency because it can be a serious threat to your health and property because of mold development. Moisture can help mold grow on porous surfaces or construction materials. Regular cleaning companies are not equipped to handle the dangerous and extensive damage caused by a water loss. Contact us for an evaluation and a personalized plan to restore your home.

Call us whenever there is water in places it shouldn’t be! From frozen pipes to flooding to appliance leaks, our team can help with any kind of water damage. Our team’s seen it all and is able to help no matter the size of the loss. Call our emergency hotline to get a crew on-site FAST to develop a professional mitigation plan.

To ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, it is crucial to take certain precautions to avoid injuries and even fatal outcomes related to specific situations. One of the essential steps is to avoid coming into contact with water damage whenever possible. Seek assistance and guidance from experienced professionals to ensure your well-being.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep children and pets away from potentially harmful environments to prevent any potential incidents or illnesses.

In the event that your home has been affected by flooding or water damage, it is essential to employ the services of a professional restoration company to thoroughly clean and sanitize your space. It is also important to thoroughly dry and disinfect any surfaces that may have come into contact with water, including floors, walls, doors, countertops, and furniture. Taking these remedial measures will help ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Our water mitigation services are designed to prevent further damage to your property and belongings. Using specialized equipment and techniques, we minimize loss by removing damaged furniture and materials, cleaning and disinfecting salvageable items, ensuring structural stability, and extracting water. Our commercial-grade equipment effectively dries out your home, while additional precautions like boarding up windows and applying tarps protect its integrity. It’s important to note that our water damage mitigation services are a temporary solution aimed at preventing further consequences rather than repairing or replacing damaged property.

FastPro Restoration specializes in mitigating water, mold, and fire damage. Our comprehensive services include site containment, board-up and tarping, moisture inspections, demolition, cleanup, water extraction, dehumidification, and drying.

When it comes to general contracting for your restoration project, FastPro has a network of trusted companies. We collaborate with these companies to provide services such as carpentry, plumbing, roofing, exterior surface reconstruction, interior reconstruction, and finishes. From minor repairs to complete reconstruction, FastPro Restoration is your one-stop solution.