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There’s A Difference Between Looking Dry And Being Dry

After experiencing water damage it’s important to have experts evaluate the damaged property. Depending on the extent of damage it may make sense to clean, treat or completely remove the material to avoid any potential microbial (mold) growth or structural damage.

Water doesn’t just disappear on its own. If there’s no way for the water to properly drain it may seep into your walls, flooring, and cabinets. That’s why you need a professional moisture inspection to have a peace of mind that your property has been properly restored to its pre-loss condition.

Everyone, and yes, we mean everyone lives with some sort of water damage. If you go to a friend’s house or enter a business there’s a high possibility you see a ceiling or ceiling tile with water damage from a previous leak.

Our team uses non-invasive moisture meters to determine the moisture levels in any property that may have been touched or impacted by the water. Once we are completed with the moisture inspection our team will recommend the best path forward to make sure you avoid any future residual water or mold damage.

We offer FREE moisture inspections during business hours because we’re solely focused on helping our clients recover quickly from water damage. On top of that, we also offer free estimates during business hours so you can understand the extent of damages. We will be ready to begin the work right away or we offer very flexible scheduling and can come back out at your earliest convenience.

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