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Thermal Drying

The Dramatic Benefits of Directed Heat Drying

Faster Drying Reduces Cost
There are two phases to restoring any water loss; mitigation and reconstruction (remove and replace or repair). Mitigating a water loss costs a fraction of the cost of replacing expensive structural materials like carpet, walls, insulation, flooring, cabinets, etc. A loss that is not mitigated quickly will result in a huge increase in the cost to restore the property to a pre-loss condition.
Faster Drying Prevents Secondary Damage
If not mitigated quickly and thoroughly, water losses will continue to get worse, a condition known as secondary damage. The most important secondary damage is mold growth with its attendant health hazards and increased liability for property owners.Other secondary damage includes swelling of wood structural materials, warping and cupping of hardwood floors, damage to other materials and contents as they are continuously exposed to moisture.And, in gray and black water floods a whole lost of disease causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa can flourish and cause very serious illnesses.
Faster Drying Means Happier Policy Holders
A loss is a traumatic and often a once in a lifetime event. It is highly disruptive and results in a wide variety of negative experiences and emotions. Whether the insured is a home owner or a business owner, everyone wants to get life back to normal as quickly as possible.A water loss can be devastating to busy homeowners, and businesses may be losing thousands of dollars per day in lost revenues.The faster a loss is restored, the faster the homeowner is business is back to normal.
Faster Drying Closes Claims Files Faster
Overloaded adjusters want to close claim files as fast as possible. By drying faster, less replacement is required, (replacement which can prolong the job for days, weeks and even months!)By drying faster, policy holders are back to normal in the shortest possible time and claim files are closed!

Customer Testimonials About Thermal Drying

“The TES machine was turned on around 3:30. I returned at 1:00 p.m. the next day and I was stunned to see the home had completely dried overnight! We took some moisture tests and it showed normal even in the walls and ceilings. The tile was saved. The hardwood floor was saved. The carpeting was saved. We saved over $10,000 or more… Thank you FastPro team for doing such a great job!”

~ J. Brown, NJ

“With standard way of drying with fans and dehumidifiers, it takes 5-7 days to dry a structure. With the TES system, it took less than 24 hours.
FastPro Restoration team moved quickly and expertly to restore our property and to restore order to our life. I would recommend FastPro Restoration team to anyone who seeks a professional firm specializing in fire & smoke damage restoration, reconstruction and more…”

~B. Newman, PA

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